Helen Brown

Stanmer Ridge Down - woodcut, edition of 35

Limited edition woodcut and linocut prints depicting English and Himalayan landscape - by this highly talented emerging printmaker.

Helen Brown writes: "I work directly from the landscape in either lino or woodcut. Working outdoors enables me to capture the line and fluidity of scenes and localities.

My landscapes are landscapes of self-possession and movement. Through their layered and textured forms they express the tectonic flow of the earth, as mountains and valleys rise and fall in an experience of time much more immense than our own.

I spend time in the places my work depicts, returning to them. From the Sussex Downs to the foothills of the Himalayas, my prints are imbued with the emotion of place. Each one of my pieces is given individual life though colour and chine colle (paper overlay) or hand tinting, just as the mood of a scene shifts with light, time and experience.

My work takes shape in the place between landscape and dreamscape. Whether in architectural or animal forms, it connects the experiential world to the imagination, the material to the emotional.

Our thoughts and feelings colour the things we encounter, and they in turn colour us. In my prints I give visual expression to this conversation."

The woodcut prints are individually made by the artist in tranches of a few prints - the edition is not all printed at once. There may be some slight colour variation between each print - an artist-made woodcut is essentially an original work of art. If the print you have ordered is temporally out of stock, Helen Brown will make it to order, which may take up to two weeks.

Lewes Down - woodcut, edition of 35

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